About Us

Always a work in progress.

The Short of IT

wbITConsulting helps businesses and organizations create value and optimize their performance through technology (aka: digitalization).

wbITC undertakes strategic or operational missions, but we also help our clients in implementation; we help develop or roll out a prototype or software to respond to a specific need. We use Open Source software products to keep licensing costs low and to be able to completely control usability, security and compliance for all solutions we provide.

Important: this site, and especially this page, are a "work in progress". wbITC is committed to honesty, integrity, reliability and "fair play". We pick and chose our clients and business partners based on shared/common values.

The Things We learn...

Like with most other companies in the IT market over the past 20 months, during the global Covid-Pandemic, there was a lot to be learned.

This reincarnation of wbITConsulting is the cummulative result of my (almost) 30 years of experience and being an entrepreneur in Information Technology and the lessons learned. The covid situation demonstarted clearly that there was too much (business) overhead, too many dependencies, too many distractions and not enough of doing what I am really passionate about: CRM, ERP and digitalization consulting. Helping other business to thrive.

Another thing I learned over the past 30 years, and a contributing factor to the founding of wbiTC: only work with, and only recommends products from, companies that we share values with.

Yes, every business has a lot of "bills" to pay. There is no such thing as a free lunch, and, unfortunately, we live in a society where "if it's free, it can't be worth anything". Unless, of course, it's an open source product - then, all of a sudden, it's expected to be free.

Unsere Gemeinshaft

Mehr erreichen, besser leben und angenehmer arbeiten.

Sozialer Zusammenhalt ist der „Kitt“ einer funktional hoch differenzierten modernen Gesellschaft, die von wirtschaftlicher Konkurrenz und sozialen Individualisierungsprozessen geprägt ist. Die Corona-Pandemie, Umweltsorgen (eg: global Warming) und die jüngste unwetter Katastrophen zeigen, dass gerade in Krisen oder gesellschaftlichen Ausnahmesituationen Solidarität und Gemeinsinn wertvoll sind, um Herausforderungen zu meistern.

Responsibility and Sustainability

We recognize ISO 26000 as a reference document that provides guidance for integration/implementation of social responsibility/socially responsible behaviour. And, knowing me, you know that this is not just an advertising tool.

Check out wbITC's blog for more information on and insights to wbITC and myself.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.