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March 01,2022

We have moved our Course and Workshop offerings to our newly constructed site at:

There, you will find all kinds of information and details to our current (and planned) offerings, including:

  • Linux and OpenSource
    • WSL01 Linux/OpenSource - Introduction to the world of Linux and OpenSource (starts April 9, 2022)
    • WSL02 Linux/NW-Adm - Linux, Netzwerk und System-Administration (Starting in June, 2022)
    • WSL03 Linux/DevWWW - Linux, Entwicklung für das WWW (Starting in June, 2022)
  • PC/Windows
    • WSW01 PC/MS-Windows - Entry level PC and MS-Windows Workshop (Currently running)
    • WSF01 PC/Custom - Individual, goal oriented workshop (Currently running)

For more information and or pricing, please see our wbITC-LearningCenter page, or visit our new Homepage.

Covid-19/Corona Notes:

Please see here for current Corona/Covid-19 rules that could effect our event planning: